An Integrated
Mental Health Service

Explore Therapy provides mental and behavioral health support to the children, teens, parents, caregivers and families of our Buffalo Pediatrics Community and the community at large.

We are here to support and promote the healthy, happy, safe life that our clients deserve.

Does your child suffer from anxiety and/or depression?

Are you noticing behavioral changes in your child that have caused you worry?

Are you experiencing confusion and stress about how best to care for a child who is emotionally distressed?

Explore Therapy is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your therapy approach?

Everyone has their own struggle and story. First we listen and then we design a treatment approach with you that fits your needs. ET therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Supportive, Mindfulness based, Trauma-Informed therapy and more.

Where is your office?

Our warm and welcoming office is located in the upstairs of Buffalo Pediatric Associates. Off street parking is available.

237 Linwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209

What are your hours?

We are here for you. We have flexible hours to make scheduling as convenient as possible for you.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact our Explore Therapy office is to email us at

Do you take insurance?


How much will a session cost?

Depending on your Insurance carrier, the payment expected at the time of service (your co-pay) may vary. The range may be between approximately $20-$50. We will help you get that information from your insurance carrier so that you start services fully informed.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Cancellations happen. You can email us at Please let us know 24 hours in advance or there will be a charge of $30 for a missed appointment.

What if I have an emergency? Who do I call?

If you cannot talk with your therapist, contact your primary doctor’s office, your child’s pediatrician, or psychiatrist.

Please call 911 if there is risk of harm to yourself or others. In addition to 911, you can call Crisis Services 716-834-3131 or the Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at ECMC 716-898-3465.

Are your therapists qualified?

Our therapists are all fully qualified mental health professionals. That means they have a masters degree and are certified in social work, LCSW, or have a licensed doctorate, PH.D or Psy.D in psychology. They are also supervised by professionally licensed clinical supervisors who have over 50 years of experience combined.

How long will my child need to be in therapy?

Every child and family is different and has different needs. We will have a better understanding after we have a few meetings to discuss your unique situation.

What is a typical session like?

We know that meeting a therapist for the first time can be an anxious situation. Your ET therapist will do all they can to help you feel comfortable. Meeting with the therapist is like meeting anyone you are getting to know. You can ask any questions you have. It starts with a conversation.

How long are the sessions?

Session times can range from thirty minutes to an hour and a half depending on the service being provided. A check-in when things are going well may not need as long a time as a session with multiple family members, for example. Typically sessions are about 45-50 minutes.

Are you currently hiring therapists at Explore Therapy?

Yes! We are excited to be hiring licensed therapists with a LCSW or licensed doctorate PH.D or Psy.D in psychology. We are looking for full-time/ part-time therapists with flexible hours. Let us help you build your dream practice today by helping the community at large. Please contact us today to learn more.

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Explore Therapy

An Integrated Mental Health Service

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